UK Tax Codes

2017/2018 PAYE tax code

2017/2018 tax codes are for employees (including shareholding directors) receiving salary – wages that staff would pay Income Tax and National Insurance Employee’s Contributions on if they’re being remunerated via the PAYE system. Tax codes explained The tax code is used by employers and pension providers to work out the level of Income Tax to[…]

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital – the latest news

It’s had more plot twists than an episode of Dallas (old series, not the “re-imagined” 2000s version) and it’s always keeping everyone guessing. Yes, Making Tax Digital’s introduction has been revised – again. Time will tell whether it’s been a dream and we’ve been in the shower all this time but here’s the latest news[…]

Big changes in payroll

Big changes in payroll – update

As many of you will be aware, there have been lots of big changes in payroll in recent years. With the economy and how work is defined seemingly in constant flux, it’s almost certain that further big changes are coming soon. Let’s look at some of the more recent developments. Big changes in payroll –[…]