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Access to finance with Modina can be offered to businesses at different parts of their life cycle looking for outside funding for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s about growth and increasing staff numbers. Other times, it’s about increasing the scope of their products and services with capital investment in assets or machinery.

Companies often go through rough times. They’re great businesses and are perfectly viable, but they need a helping hand to get through a slower trading period. Other firms want to move away from being a tenant, buying commercial property their business can call its own.

There’s been a big growth in the types of finance and the companies offering money to businesses in the last few years. And thanks to Modina’s connections, we can help arrange competitively-priced finance for your venture quickly that works around your business.

Some of Modina’s recent finance successes include:

  • a £100,000 recurring credit line secured for a large retail shop to help manage cash flow,
  • £80,000 raised for a website developer to help them with the expansion of their growing business,
  • a £60,000 refinance loan for a vegan restaurant to consolidate their existing debt meaning their monthly repayments are a lot lower, and
  • a £200,000 short term facility recently secured for a well-known and very high-end London club keen to refurbish their premises, add more tables and increase their capacity.

We’re also the company to turn to if you’re wanting to buy another business. We can access funding of up to £2,000,000 for takeovers. We can arrange similar sums for management buy-outs too.

If you’re looking to buy the premises you trade from or you’re a commercial landlord wanting to make your next investment, our wide range of contacts in both high street banks and in specialist lenders can help. You can borrow the money for office, retail, leisure, healthcare, industrial, warehouse, sport and mixed-use premises.

We’re also able to work with developers who want to raise finance on a regular basis, including access to build to let finance, pre-development bridging funding, sales period financing, joint venture finance, equity finance, commercial development finance, and mezzanine development finance.

Next step

Before you approach an unknown broker, give Modina a chance to plug you in to the right person across our vast network of understanding, intelligent, and enabling finance contacts. For all matters to do with business finance, please call on 020 7183 8241 or email

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