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Access to finance with Modina

Access to finance with Modina can be offered to businesses at different parts of their life cycle looking for outside funding for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s about growth and increasing staff numbers. Other times, it’s about increasing the scope of their products and services with capital investment in assets or machinery. Companies often[…]


XERO – Gold Partners : The Power Of Cloud Based Accountancy

MODINA STRIKE GOLD WITH XERO? The world of accountancy and bookkeeping is undergoing major changes. In our opinion the future of the industry lies in harnessing the power of Cloud-based software. Using the Cloud means the team at Modina are able to provide clients with a solution that is easy for them to understand; allowing[…]

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Modina Muscle Warriors Challenge 2016

  The Modina team have spent the last 6 months in training to get ready to complete the Tough Mudder challenge. The challenge involves running 13 miles through thick mud and tackling obstacles that have been designed by Marines. The course is designed to test their physical and mental strength, and we are all nearly[…]