Get To Know The Team – Joe Smith

Joe Smith


This month we thought we would take a bit of time to introduce you some of our team members, starting with Joe Smith.

Joe has been working in accountancy practices for over 12 years, he has extensive knowledge and experience in the full spectrum of accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services.

Naturally good with numbers for as long as he can remember, accountancy was a natural progression for Joe and is something he has always really enjoyed.

When joining Modina in July 2012, Joe promised dedicated himself to providing excellent customer service to every single one of its customers. On a daily basis, that means Joe and the Modina team going above and beyond their customer’s questions and requirements to deliver the best service possible.

The only reason that this has been possible for the past four years, and continues to be so, is down to the strong sense of teamwork, collaboration and spirit within the walls of Modina.

The team doesn’t just work together though at Modina to complete accounts, payroll and bookkeeping; it likes to have fun too. Modina combines professionalism with friendliness and approachability.

So while providing credibility and reliability, Modina is not full of ‘normal accountants’ that conform to our stereotype. The team want to show that it’s possible to be fun and professional.

Modina also prides itself on achieving the highest standards of accountancy, together. It accomplishes this through investing time into training our team and developing this sense of teamwork to inspire and motivate. And of course, Modina want to have fun while doing it.

Joe’s favourite part of his role is working with the team and watching both them and Modina’s clients grow and succeed. Joe’s day-to- day role focuses on helping to grow Modina and maintain excellent client relationships.

Joe’s proudest achievement to date is being part of such a winning team. Together, the Modina team has been heavily involved in the management of a number of businesses. It uses this experience and expertise to immerse itself into the centre of these businesses to help them grow and thrive.

“We have helped many businesses through challenging periods to enable them to enjoy long-term sustainable growth. We want all of our clients to be successful and place our energy and focus into making this happen,” says Joe.

When he’s not crunching the numbers or hitting the ground running, you can find Joe enjoying a good read. He’s also pretty good at running, and every morning, before work, he runs 5km to get him energised for the day ahead.

If he wasn’t an accountant though? Joe would be travelling the world and sat on a beach somewhere.

His friends and family describe him as loyal, friendly and basically, just a pretty nice guy.

Joe’s key motivation is success, but not just his own. Inspiring the Modina team and encouraging them to grow together is what drives him and Modina forward.

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