Why Accuracy Is Modina’s Middle Name


When it comes to keeping your accounts up to date, it’s vital that you choose a system, a bookkeeper or an accountant that is methodical, knowledgeable, and above all, accurate.

Saving you time, unnecessary and avoidable costs, not to mention the uncapped and potentially escalating levels of stress that can ensue from inaccurate accounts, Modina has built a reputation with accuracy as it’s middle name.  


Helping Your Business To Succeed

As well as helping you escape the panic that comes in January when submitting your tax returns, using a trusted, reliable and accurate accounting, bookkeeping and payroll service has wide-reaching benefits for your business too.

And here at Modina, accuracy is truly our middle name as we value and know how the importance of maintaining carefully organised and up to date accounts can benefit your entire business, from management and growth through to customer service and peace of mind.

1. Business Growth

Having clear and up to date accounts enables you to also have a clear and up to date handle on your businesses finances and success. Using an accurate and well-experienced accounting service promotes and encourages long-term business growth.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Let’s face it, when we’re looking for a service, we want a business that is reliable, trustworthy and organised. One that forgets to call us, meets deadlines or forgets our name is perhaps not going to be at the top of our list for recommendations.

Keeping on top of your accounts and rating organisation as a key value of your business makes your customers and suppliers happy. Knowing that they will receive their quotations and estimates, project information and invoices promptly will help to increase retention rates and word of mouth referrals.

3. Find Information Easily

Avoid spending unnecessary hours of your time rifling through online spreadsheets, shoeboxes full of receipts or overflowing draws of invoices and locate with ease all those necessary documents and information. Dealing with admin tasks can take up a huge portion of our time or if rushed, can lead to mistakes in accuracy, causing us expense and extra time to rectify the problem. If we have a dispute with an invoice or request for an amendment of a contract term, the organisation of our accounts promotes accuracy and good business operations.

4. Manage Big Decisions

With accurate, available information to hand, we as a business are more equipped and able to make big decisions relating to the future of our businesses. If we need to approach a bank for an overdraft facility or loan, we are more likely to be successful if we give the impression that we are an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy business that knows it’s financial and management accounts inside out.

After all, banks will want to know if you are making or losing money. How would you feel if you were investing in a company or partner that didn’t know whether they were or not?

5. Save You Tax

Knowing your financial and business position accurately is crucial to making the filing of tax returns easier as well as also saving you tax when it comes to paying the tax man. Avoid penalties and paying interest by having everything you need to hand. Make sure these accounts are up to date to ensure you receive all that you are allowed when it comes to HMRC.

It may be that your accountant wants to find out more about a certain item of purchasing and/or mileage. A knowledgeable and accurate accounting service will, to ensure that you receive any necessary tax relief or capital allowances owed to you.

6. Reduce Accountant’s Fees

This may seem a strange one for an accounting service to point out. But we’re a business too. And we know the importance of keeping costs down. That’s why we want to help you save costs by reducing the amount of time an accounting service such as Modina spends on ensuring your accounts are HMRC ready. Of course, we’re here to help, but we want to help your business grow too by maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and keeping your costs down.

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The importance of accuracy throughout your business is paramount. With Modina on hand to help with every step of your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services, you can be sure to get the accuracy, growth and peace of mind that both you and your business deserve.

If you’d like to experience our accuracy first-hand or find out more about any of our services, give us a call today on 02071 838241 or contact us online.