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Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

The difference between success and failure in business is good financial management.

Modina was founded with a passion for helping others and a love for contributing to business growth through good financial management. We work with small companies across the UK to help manage finances quickly and correctly.

The combination of our experience and the energy of our staff ensures that all of clients receive professional and close personal attention.

The 5 reasons Britain's most successful SME owners rely on their bookkeepers more than their accountants

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Bookkeeping - an eye for the finer detail keeps your tax bills down

UK taxation is incredibly complicated. Modina’s team of bookkeepers keeps you right on –

• VAT calculation and submission
• Depreciation journals
• Interest journals
• Preparing & processing your invoices
• Posting & allocating receipts
• Processing, allocation and payment of supplier invoices
• Reconciliations

HMRC collects hundreds of millions of pounds in tax every year through misallocation. Click here to read more about how Modina saves you money or call us on 020 7183 8241.

Getting payroll right each time keeps Pandora’s box shut

Staff expect to be paid on full and in time – mess with at your peril. Payroll has never been straightforward but there’s arguably nothing more damaging to a business if it goes wrong. Modina looks after the following for you –

• Registration of new employees
• De-registration of leaving employees
• Loans to staff members (and their repayments)
• Real Time Information
• Correct income tax banding
• Correct calculation of pay (inc comms, bonus, overtime), income tax, both NI’s, student loans and pensions
• Submission of correct amount to HMRC every 22nd

Employers have never had to collect so much money on behalf of others and then pay it out to them. It’s a minefield. Click here to read more about Modina’s leading payroll service or call us on 020 7183 8241.

Our clients rely on the accurate information we give them

Most business people have a very strong idea of how much is leaving their accounts every week and every month. What they’re in the dark about most is what’s coming in. It’s so difficult to predict unless you get the following from Modina every month –

• Cash flow reports
• Profit and loss reports
• Balance sheet statements
• Expenses summaries
• And much more than can be listed here

We can help you predict your cashflow for weeks and months in advance. We can tell you whether there’s spare cash for that new sales rep or the new CNC machine. We can tell you when it’s time to batten down the hatches because you’ll be tight on money at VAT time.

Click here to find out more about management reports and how they can help you run your business and sell it at top value later on. Alternatively, please call us on 020 7183 8241.

“Can I pay you in 60 days’ time?” - Credit Control

Late payment is still endemic in UK business culture. It shuts thousands of businesses every year. It's yet another thing that business owners have to get on top of. But not if you’ve got a Modina bookkeeper who:

• sends out your invoices and who’s on the pulse
• knows your credit terms
• chases two days before due and then…
• …chases when debts become overdue
• has a very high hit rate of due & overdue collection
• gets on with your customers like a house on fire
• keeps customers on your side – no fallings out, no bruised egos

Friendly and persistent and 100% committed to getting cash in as quickly as possible. Click here
to find out more about our credit control service or call us on 020 7183 8241.

Making Tax Digital Soon – 5 Tax Returns A Year

From April 2019, any self-employed person making profit, paying class 4 dividends or registered for VAT will have to file 5 different tax returns for the same year.

• The Gov’t want £8bn more every year
• They want HMRC to get it from the self-employed
• Introduction plans hopelessly behind schedule
• Accountants can’t cope with extra work
• New system of fines (up to 15%) levied against self-employed
• No quarterly tax payment yet, but it’s surely on its way

HMRC will be able to inspect your bank account via your accounting software. Many bookkeepers expect flaws within accounting software and online banking means profits will be overstated leading to high tax bills.

Accountants now agree you need to start working with a bookkeeper. The increase in workload will be too much. Far more attention has to be paid to make sure you’re not overtaxed.

Call Modina for more information on 020 7183 8241.

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