Paying people late or paying the wrong amount sours the relationship between staff and management. Modina's payroll experts make sure your company doesn't put a foot wrong with wages.

  • Overtime & Bonuses
  • Commission systems
  • RTI & Pensions
  • PAYE Reconciliations

Work with Modina to get on top of increasingly complicated payroll duties

In the last 10 years, doing payroll has become virtually impossible for people who haven’t been trained in it.

It’s so easy for companies to make mistakes with people’s pay. Let’s start with basic pay.

You might employ 10 or 20 people on variable wages with different working hours. Your staff attendance is recorded.Rather than spending 30-45 minutes a week of your time on this, Modina’s bookkeepers get to work straight away to fully understand how much and when people are paid. Our team handles this task completely in the background so you can get on with your responsibilities.

We also calculate the levels of income tax and both National Insurance contribution types at each pay run. We’re also able to ensure that the right amount of pay is withheld from staff for auto enrolment and other types of pensions. Any and all deductions from pay, let Modina handle it.

On the 22nd of each month, your company has a legal responsibility to transfer over all monies held under PAYE and pension rules. You’ll know at the end of the previous month how much to hold back.

And, of course, all of Modina’s services are compatible with the new Real Time Information rules.

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