Credit control

Save time in getting customers to pay up with Modina's credit control service.

  • Maintained debtor lists
  • Control of collection process
  • Pre-due and post-due chase
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable

Control your company's income

Spend your time on the complex business of running your company, not doing frustrating chase-ups for late payers

Many companies won't consider doing business with you if you don't offer them the ability to pay 30, 60 or 90 days after you've completed work for them.

While you're waiting for the money you're rightly owed, wages, your suppliers, HMRC and more still need to be paid in full and on time. What really compounds the difficulties involved in offering credit accounts is when customers pay late.

If you're running a business of £250,000 or more turnover, the chances are that you'll have dozens of invoices out at any one time. That's money that you're owed and it's money you need to run your business.

Modina offer credit control as part of our service. As your bookkeepers, we know on a daily basis how much is out there on invoice for you and how much of it is about to or has already gone past due date.

We've got a superb track record of getting customers to pay by due date. For those who don't pay on time, our team have a brilliant ability to both collect payment and keep up great relationships with your customers. Never worry about losing a customer when we're chasing your invoice.

Real advantages of using Modina credit control

Pre-due date chase-up

Every effort is made to collect on time

First letter and chase-up

Friendly yet authoritative contact

Debtors and aged debtors

Full, up-to-date list available at all times

Your company name

Our experts introduce themselves as being from your company