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We keep you up to test date with customers, suppliers and the HMRC. We make sure you pay out only what you need to pay out.

  • Journal Prep
  • VAT
  • Invoices & Receipts
  • Reconciliations

Certainty and clarity for your financial records

Accurate tax bills for HMRC and a lower bill from your accountant

All businesses live and die by the sales they make, how quickly they collect the cash, and what they have to pay out in expenses.

Modina’s bookkeeping service records and allocates everything you sell and everything you buy - it's all of your company’s day-to-day dealings. Your accountant’s job is to analyse and confirm all the information we send over to prepare it for other organisations – the taxman, banks, venture capitalists, finance providers, and so on.

By using Modina to keep on top of all of your transactions, you save a lot of money on your accountant’s bill. That's because we do the preparation work for them that they'd have to do themselves.

You're also assured that you won't overpay on your VAT - a very common error for companies doing their own bookkeeping.

What we look after as your bookkeeper

VAT Returns

Quarterly returns

Sales invoices

Preparation and processing

Sales receipts

Posting and allocation

Supplier invoices

Processing and allocation

Supplier payments

In accordance with your credit terms

Journal keeping

Depreciation and interest

Petty cash

Analysing and posting

Bank reconciliations